Monday, August 2, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress/Regress

Progress: The scale said I'm back down 4# from original weight.

Regress: But not down to my lowest weight from last week.

Progress: A friend told me that I was looking more toned around the middle and my face showed it too.

Regress: I looked at the pics of my legs, and they do not look like how I think they really look like.

Progress: Getting up in the morning is becoming a little easier.

Regress: I was trying on a pair of pants that I wore last spring. They didn't fit around the middle! Everything seemed mushy. Kind of weird because my middle, though ample, used to be more firm. My theory: The firm fat is leaving...the squishy floppy fat remains and thusly, it's harder to fit into some clothes.

Progress: I went to the Running Room last weekend and felt a connection to more runners.

Regress: I was the largest one there, and I bet they couldn't have picked me out from the group we were in that I was the runner.

Progress: I invited my sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law to run in a 5K with me next year.

Regress: I was feeling down on Sunday, like what I was doing really isnt' doing anything.

I wonder if this back and forth thing is the same with others like me who start running? I am hoping that the Regresses become less as the Progresses become more.

Here's my legs from yesterday. I'm going to continue to take weekly pics to see how they change.

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