Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pushing Forward

Last night I was up until 1:30am, not on purpose, really! I thought that maybe I wouldn't run in the morning and let my body rest. But then I found myself up at 7:15am so I just up and went.

I ran around the neighborhood for about a half hour. Total combined run time was 7 minutes. On Thursday I'm going to push forward to 8 minutes. If I push myself to do another 30 seconds to a minute more each time, then I can see myself running the 5k easily.

I feel that doing the treadmill training really set me back. It's harder now to run outside, and I am 1-2 weeks behind in the training. Luckily, I plotted at least 2 weeks to do every 1 week so it's all good still. From now on, it's outside unless there's no other way.

And, I've dropped the training calendar for awhile, until I can get back on track. What I'm doing, is running as much as I can, wait until I can catch my breath, repeat. The first couple times I did this, I was surprised at how much less I ran. I know though, that when I push myself, I can do more. Thusly, I am counting the run minutes and pushing them forward.

Yeah, I always end up having to do things my way, whether it's a recipe, knitting pattern, whatnot. But there really is no cookie cutter method for everyone. I think the point is, to have a good guideline and try it, and take what works for you - drop what doesn't.

Scale was down another pound, I'm one pound away from being back down 6#'s like last week.

I've finished reading another running book. Seems like that's all I want to read lately! Yay for libraries.

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