Monday, August 23, 2010

Resetting the Clocks

This really stinks. I finally decided not to be obsessive about weighing myself, and am only going to weigh in on Sundays. And what does the scale say? It says I'm back up to my starting weight! I felt like stomping on the stupid thing and looked around to see if anything had their thumb on it. You know, like how people used to cheat people by putting their thumb on the scale so it looks like they got more than they did.

This last week was a good week for my running and I planned better meals as well. I should have at the very least, been down near my lowest weight.

My friend, Cris, tried to encourage me that I'm building muscle. But at this rate, I'm going to be 200+ of muscle and nothing else. Shouldn't things be looking better?

I'm also trying to tell Myself that what I'm doing is actually worth it in the long run. But myself isn't buying it much lately. In fact, Myself forgot to reset the alarm and so didn't get me up this morning to run. Myself may or may not help me run this afternoon or evening.

Anyway, I did have a good run on Friday, I went around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes and did about 6-7 min of running off and on during that. The weird thing is, I'm still in the Twilight Zone of 90 sec runs. I think I need to push myself into at the very least, 1.75 - 2 minute runs. Perhaps my body's time clock is saying that 90 seconds is all I can do, so stop it already! I need to reset that clock (just like my alarm clock).

I am SO tagging this entry as "Regress."

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Avocational Singer said...

Be patient with yourself! Learn to love where you are at.

The good life does not start when the weight is off or when you can run for 10 minutes without stopping or anything you can measure. It can start right now by loving who you are right now and where you're at right now, and falling in love with the process of learning and growing every day!