Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yesterday was our annual Norman Women's retreat. We spent the day walking up and down Grand Ave in St. Paul and eating a lot. I ate too much of course! Add on that with the fact that I had only done 2 runs last week and one was weak (ran outside and it was a lot different than the treadmill).

The scale told the sad news - back up a few pounds. Ground lost!

Luckily, I had woken up early enough to do a run before church. I mapped out a new route, west of our home. Little did I know that half of that length was a slow slog up hill. My total running time was probably 5-6 minutes, the rest was climbing. However, I did get a good workout because of the walking uphills.

I realized this week:
  • I run slower on the treadmill which combined with the even path, makes it easier
  • When I go outside after being on the treadmill a few days, I try to run to fast
  • I will to pace myself better outside
  • I will be nixing the treadmill unless absolutely necessary; 90+ weather, severe thunderstorm, somethng like that.
  • I will be getting up in the mornings for my runs.
  • I will keep whole grain bread on hand for a pre-run snack with butter and fresh local honey.
  • I will learn something new about nutrition this week
  • I will be taking pics of my legs each week. That's where I'm seeing so much change!
Note: I went back and deleted all the "I need to" phrases to "I will."

Back into the groove again. Tomorrow the scale should be more friendly.

ETA: before yesterday, I had been down another pound - 6#'s lost! I'm hoping my weight will drop back to that in the next couple of days.

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