Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My SIL has recently started training to run a 5k and she is up to a 5 minute non-interval run. I couldn't help but compare myself - I am only doing a measly 2 minute run. Is there more in me that I am holding back on? Could I possibly go farther? Am I not pushing myself enough? Time to break out of the Twilight Zone.

Along my route today, I walked around a block instead of doing a run interval - to conserve my energy. On Darrel's street, I shuffled off into a run. End of street came, and I decided to keep going...cross street...2:30...along next street...3:00...end of next street and up a slight hill...3:30!!

But wait, there's more!

I had only gone 6:30 and my goal was 7 this morning. So at the top of the hill, I shuffled off again, aiming for that 30 seconds even though I was tired from the last interval. Next thing I knew, it was 1:30 and I had blown through my expectations.

All this, and I almost stayed in bed, procrastinating. The rest of the morning, I was cheerful and singing a little while my hubby (who stayed up really late working) grumped about. What a change, I'm usually the grumpy, bumbly person.

Who is this woman?

In other news, I've noticed my butt is less firm and a little saggy now. Great, just what I've always wanted. And of course, I've also noticed that I'm losing weight in the area that women hate to lose - the bust area. At this rate, I'll need to buy new bras in a few weeks.

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