Friday, September 10, 2010


This week has been weird because of having Monday off. For some reason, I thought today was my hard run day. So, I mapped out a 2.2 mile route and pushed it hard.

6 minutes, 30 seconds straight! A new PR.

I also did a 4 minute, and some others for a total of 10.5 minutes of running. My last run, I could've kept going but I was running out of road and time. I'm just amazed to see what my body is able to do. This is so much fun!

Yesterday, I sat down with a bunch of free online 5K beginner plans and mapped out what they would look like for the 7 weeks left before my first 5k. It was interesting to note that I'm already out longer and farther than what they all recommend and am sort of running the same amount. So, I made up my own plan (like I usually end up doing) with the guidelines that I'm already using:

- Minimum miles on a route
- No runs under a certain amount of time
- Must run at least one run of a certain length each outing
- Must run at least a combined amount of minutes

Mondays are easy days, Wednesday are hard, Fridays are medium. The week before my 5k, I should be able to run 30 minutes at a time. Wow, that sounds so unattainable right now. But if I follow the plan, then it'll happen. I'm going to up my miles to 4 (which includes 5 minutes warm up and 5 for cool down) and then work down on my time.

An interesting note on this - I've already run my next Weds goals today. So maybe I should try to run a week ahead of schedule and add in that little grace time.

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