Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come As A Child

Good things:

  • Each run I seem to make a new PR for one of my stats.
  • I am on track for a good 5k run and able to meet my goals
  • No more heel pain or heel spurs
  • I get to go see Christopher McDougal tonight at Gear West
  • My minimum run time is now 2 minutes when 3 weeks ago, that was my longest consecutive run time.
About the heel spurs thing. When I first started running, I was having awful heel pain, so that I would avoid walking on them and often walked on the outsides of my feet barefoot. I found that when I ran, I would land mid-foot and my heels did not hurt like they did when walking. It was only recently that I realized...I haven't had heel pain in 2 months! I wonder if this is because the muscles in my feet are building and therefore are stronger. Who knew that running would cure foot pain?

Yesterday, I drove past the middle school where kids were having track & field practice. I loved seeing how they run! It reminded me of when we went to the Twins game, we stayed longer to watch the kids run the bases. They run with such joy and openness. Their feet strike the ground just about under their body, and they push off into nice heel kicks. And best of all? They do it because they want to, because it's fun.

I can't wait to be able to run like a kid again.

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