Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting Dirty

I never realized before how dirty my treadmill belt was until I ran on it barefoot. My feet were black when I was finished. And here I thought that running outside would make my feet dirty! Well, it probably will, but anyway.

5 minutes of combined treadmill barefoot running. I'm going to look into getting some sort of flat shoe so I can "barefoot" outside. My first run was an easy 2 minutes until my calf cried, "uncle!" Other than my calves stretching themselves into a new motion, there were no aches or pains; no arch burning or toes falling asleep.

What was most amazing, is that I didn't think about my form at all. My legs and feet naturally went into their own rhythm; mid foot or outer mid foot strike and rolling inward. I did try to pick my knees up a little more, but that's all I did consciously.

I think that I may knit some felted slippers of a sort for running outside. Wool may be a great thing to run in. It absorbs sweat, won't chafe if it's felted, because it'll form to my feet. Best of all, it give me a little bit of protection while allowing my foot to move naturally.

Since this was a light run, I'm going to go out tomorrow on another light run, this time with shoes. I know I need to build up the muscles that will help me go barefoot more. Now, if only I could convince my husband that barefooting is good.

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