Friday, September 17, 2010

I Go Hard Core (or my version of)

After a long and busy week, less than 7 hours of sleep and on a rainy morning, I head out the door. With 3 strikes against me; to me, at this stage, this is hard core. No sleeping in and snuggling under covers, waiting for tomorrow. I didn't even think of NOT getting up. Dusted off my rain coat and headed out.

Ok, so it wasn't that bad. It was sprinkling when I finally got out there and it stopped midway through. I was tired though. My runs were heavy. There was no way I was going to have another PR today, breaking my progress streak. I'd be lucky to make all my minimums.

But after my first 5 minute run, something happened. Maybe my body warmed up or woke up and realized that it needed to kick into gear. My next run just kept going, and I ended up doing another 5 minutes, 12.25 total. I knew that my PR for longest combined run time was 12.5, so I crested a hill and ran off again (when I just wanted to do my cool down walk).

I was planning on cheating. My minimum run is 2 minutes, but I only needed 15 seconds for my PR. How about just an easy 60 seconds? Nope. My body said, "we can do it, keep going!" So I did, and finished the 2 minutes.

My body continues to surprise me. Just when I think I know what it's going to do, it does something different. So I give it room to do well and still have some wiggle room in case it can't. It makes me wonder how I could ever be successful in a cookie cutter exercise program. No wonder I had so many past failures! I was trying to do someone else's version of what would work and failed again and again.

On another note, I really hated to put my running shoes on my feet. I apoligized to them and promised them that this would be the last pair of running shoes they'd have to suffer through. Next year, we'll be running more minimal, just wait and see! They sighed and shuffled out the door. They have heard my promises before and were a bit cynical.

But didn't they know? All I want for Christmas...are Vibram Five Fingers.


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