Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Not Just Me

Today, I had a confirmation that it's not just me noticing the changes in my body. After a small run this morning (6.5 min of running, 26 min total out), my husband and I headed out to run some errands. My main errand was to buy a new bra. My old one had room enough that I could stuff tissues down there. The lady at the store measured me, and I was 2" smaller than my last fitting!

These small changes in my body are giving me confidence, along with just feeling better and more in shape. Now, even when I walk through a parking lot, it feels like a good way to stretch my legs and not a drudgery. I may not look much different, but psychologically, I'm a shapely, slender runner. I also did something silly this morning. After my run, (and oatmeal and 1/2 glass of water) I weighed myself. I was down 4#'s. Hopefully for the official Sunday morning weigh-in, I'll still be down some. And slap my hand, but I had ice cream twice today. There goes the good and the bad. But can I help it that I enjoy both the good (running) and the bad (calories)?

Time to go to bed and get my running sleep.

ETA: I forgot to add that I had NO soreness from barefooting yesterday. I was expecting some soreness but my feet feel great.

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