Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cobwebs, dirt and bugs, oh my!

This morning, we cleaned through the garage. It wasn't an entire clean through, but re-organizing and clearing out of the corners. Things got moved to better places, the place was swept out, I even took a broom and got rid of the cobwebs on the walls and doors. All the while, feeling like Pigpen from Peanuts. The boxes are still on the shelves and the equipment and things are still in their unorganized drawers. But we got through the area and it looks so much better! The only thing left is to dispose of the old toilet. Next Saturday I'll be able to set up tables and start getting ready for the garage sale.

Next up is laundry. I have a laundry basket that keeps getting filled with cleanish clothes in the bedroom. I think that if I had a perfect closet system for my husband, it would involve baskets to throw his clothes in! So today I'm going to empty out the basket and put everything away. Now, I do this every couple of months but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. However, I'm hopeful that the FLYLady's system will help in this area.

She suggests doing a load every day. I grew up thinking that you spent one day doing laundry and doing all of it! This continued at college and when we lived in an apartment, because you had multiple washers & dryers. You'd go until you had hardly anything left to wear and then wash it all. Usually, I let it accumulate into we had a few loads and then we'd spend the evening folding while watching a game or a movie. But to do 1 load complete every day? That might just actually work.

I like this because:
  • It won't take as much time to do 1 load as opposed to 4
  • I won't have to wait for a large block of time before doing some and can keep up easily
  • We don't have enough laundry in a week to do one load every day, so it won't be every day
  • I won't have those hanger-oners things to wash that always seem to be in the bottom of the dirty basket but never get washed (I hope)
So, I'm going to add 1 load of laundry to my schedule. I probably only need to put it into 3 days, and 1 on Saturday for the dog. Time will tell if this is the key for easier laundry.

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