Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flying and Limping

Well, I've managed to get through FLYLady babysteps through day about 2 weeks. Some of the days are no brainers for me like get up and dressed every morning, read something, etc. So I skip and do 2 days. But I'm wondering if I should've just done one day at a time and was thankful that it was easy. Because now that I have the FLY schedule thing going, it's feeling overwhelming. I didn't have the time in between to get used to it and gradually add things in.

So, like usual, I'm modifying. I like the zone ideas, but I don't like that it switches each week when I'm decluttering. I've decided to just declutter in order of the Zones, maybe up to a month if it's really bad or I'm busy. (sounds kind of like the house diet program I tried to start). I'll still do the Hot Spots 2x a day in the places that have been cleaned out, laundry load a day, Home blessings and some other small things that I can do each day. But for the 15 minute things, I'm decluttering in the zone.

That leaves me with the issue of having a clean house, if I may not get to the downstairs bathroom until about February. Eww. What I'll do, is I'll combine the 5 Minute Room Rescue with the Zones. I'll clean in the Zone for that week for 5 minutes a day. That way, I'll be able to keep up with having things clean or at least presentable.

I like this idea because it enables me to complete an area and do a whole house clean while keeping things up. I also won't have to switch to a new place each week and have to remember where I left off. I've made such progress in the kitchen already! The area under the desk is cleaned out and only a couple necessary things remain. I wish I would've taken a before & after picture!

IKEA is currently my favorite store, at least for dreaming. I've been looking at getting some storage things and such but have decided NOT TO BUY MORE STORAGE CONTAINERS. Instead, I'll get rid of stuff and maybe empty out some storage places and containers and use them where they're needed. I do have plans though, and they include a trip to IKEA.

My husband took the initiative to look for closet organizers last night. I was pleasantly surprised! Perhaps my new cleaning mode has inspired him. We haven't figured out yet what we'll do with these 70's style reach in closets.

Garage Sale
Next week is the garage sale. In a way, I wish I wasn't having one because of all the time and energy they take. But in another way, I'm glad I'll be able to make some money off all this stuff we've accumulated. I'm trying not to have much in there under $ .25 and just donating that little junk and dated stuff to charity. If it's only worth that little to me, why put the effort into displaying and selling it? And if it's not worth more than a quarter to me or someone else, why am I keeping it?

I am hoping to sell about $400 worth and maybe get a new sofa for the living room. If all goes well, I'll have another sale next year. If not, then freecycle and the charity pick-up will be at the top of my list.

Oops! It's past time for me to get ready for bed. Time to make sure the sink is shined and my clothes are laid out for tomorrow. Babysteps, babysteps.

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