Monday, October 25, 2010

This is SO Not the Way to Get Ready for a 5K

Last week I only ran once, you could say I started my taper early. With the garage sale, I was just strapped for time and tired. I'm back at it again this week now with a run this morning. Since it had been a little while, I decided to be nice to myself and take it slow; 2 minute run, 2 minute walk for 1/2 hour.

And then, I thought, why not run the 5k this way? I timed myself and I did about a 14 minute mile this way. At that rate, I could do about a 45 minute 5K and not wear myself out. I also think it might work for my friend who isn't as fit for running. She could probably walk as fast as I run sometimes, so it could all work out fine.

I'll run again on Wednesday and then take off until Saturday. The forecast had a possibility of snow and high of 30 something. I'll have to see if I can find my long underwear and see how it feels running in that. I suppose I have to figure out what to wear on Saturday too.

The Looming 5k
Man, I'm a little unsure about this first 5k. This morning I woke up from bad dreams!

In my dream, we were in some sort of stadium waiting for people to show up. None of my family had come, and the 20 seats that I had reserved kept getting filled by other people until I thought, "forget about it then, they can find their own seats." And then, I went somewhere to get a drink of water and the race started without me! I ran toward the race and couldn't find the starting line. By the time I got to the starting line of sorts, the second wave event had started which was motor bikes and skateboarders. I had to dodge these guys while running through muddy tracks and not seeing a runner in sight.

Well, with that bad experience out of the way, my 5K should be a breeze.


Avocational Singer said...

Sounds like a good plan! You figured out what you CAN do and are okay with it.

I think we're doing our 5K on the same day. I will probably finish in 45 minutes running all the way -- ha ha! -- so you can see that you would beat me, or at least not be last if I was running with you. That should make you feel good in some way.

I don't mind being slow. I mention it a lot because it's a fact, not because I feel bad about it. It's where I'm at right now.

Julie said...

Yes - our 5k's are the same day! It will be fun to see the difference in the races. And I may have miscalculated my time. But in any case, I hope to do it under an hour. The true thing though - is to be content where you're at, and I think I am now.