Monday, October 18, 2010

Tromping Through Leaves

I was tromping through leaves this morning, they do accumulate a bit on the side of the roads. My feet make a distinct sound anyway without leaves. The trees are almost bare but have not taken on the stark dead look yet. I am becoming more aware of seasons passing while going outside 3X a week.

I passed a group of walking senior ladies twice. I see them often if I leave from home at a consistent time. Their feet make no sound! They are tromping through leaves, they're just chatting. The first time I see them is as I'm walking my warm up. The next time is during my first run. I wonder what I'll be like at their age; will I still be running? Will I have a group of girlfriends to walk with? And then I thought, I wonder if I had waited another 10 years to get in shape? Would I still be here or even able to do such a thing as a whim? Or need strict doctor supervision because of maybe getting diabetes or heart disease?

This morning I was thankful for the freedom of possibilities. That there is really nothing holding me back from eventual success in anything I want to do (within reason of course, I still can't fly or freeze time). I have a fairly good support system of people to cheer me on, or if I tell them to cheer me, they'll do it. I am very fortunate for being in this place, at this time. So I tromp through leaves; the things trees shed to prepare for the next season. And I shed a little more of my past to go toward my next season.

The Run & Upcoming 5K
I didn't push myself, much. Managed to run about 13-14 minutes worth, about a mile or so. I've also been getting ready for a garage sale this week, so I have been physically tired. Wednesday, the start of the sale is also my next scheduled run. I may just do a shorter run then. My concern is, this is the last week before the 5k and my training is limited. But I'm slowly getting accustomed to the thought of being last. But not to worry, I won't be last by myself!

My friend, Cris called me Friday. She started talking about running with me in the 5K and I did a mental facepalm. Mentally, I had already given up on running it. But now she reminded me that she was planning on running with me. I told her that I didn't feel ready, since she had said she wasn't doing so well. Instead of her saying let's forget it (like I wanted her to) she sealed the deal.

"We'll walk and run it together."

And so, now I won't feel so alone in being the last one on the course. I figure if we look like we're having a fun time which we have a tendency to do, then everyone else may wish they'd ran slower. Also, we talk a lot when we're together, so we'll need our breath for the chatting, not the running! But seriously, I am glad that I have a friend to go through this with me. She mentioned she can't do more than 1/4 more, so SCORE!! I am a little farther than her in the distance department, although it's slow. We should be able to somehow adjust our run/walk. Mentally, I'm back in the race and will be fine with however I can do it.

After the 5K, I'm not sure what I'll do about running. I still want to do the 3x's a week thing. But it's getting so cold out. The thought of the treadmill is so boring to me. Maybe join the gym - but then that's driving somewhere. It's so easy to just put on shoes and do it.


Did I just say..."It's so easy to just put on shoes and do it?"

You can't see me, but I'm laughing. Just a few months ago, that wasn't easy. So, I'm going to stop thinking about after the 5k.

Skip this part if you don't want to hear me talking about fat. Anyway, my body is still changing. That one little spare tire I had is almost gone, I can barely pinch it now. However, I noticed this morning that I'm getting another crease, it's like the fat is folding in half. Yuck! I know it sounds gross and sorry to tell you all about it. But why I mention it at all, is that as gross as it is, these changes are because the fat is melting away. Eventually it'll be a good things. It is sorta interesting to see what my body does with the changes. My weight hasn't gone down very much, but I have been getting a lot of compliments on how I look, even how I stand differently.

Changes are happening. This week, I can tromp through leaves. But next week, I may be tromping through snow. Life is so seasonal.

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Avocational Singer said...

You might be surprised and find other people like you at the 5K. You may not be exactly dead last. There's a lot of competition at the back of the pack (heh heh) and you just may be inspired to pass a person or two once you're there.