Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Garage Sale 2010

A couple weeks ago, I had my garage sale. This was after the FlyLady had said not to do this because you can't recoup the money from all the stuff you bought. Well, I had been saving stuff up for quite awhile. I had decided not to save things that I might price less than $1 in order to have a nicer and not a junk sale. The rest I either threw away, recycled or donated to charity.

I was actually kinda dreading the sale. But with my new FLY tools, I was able to prepare 15 minutes at a time and could plan out my set up better. Before FLY Lady, I most likely would have worked like a dog until I dropped. But this time, I stopped every 15 minutes to drink some water and think about what was next.

Last time, I remember being so tired. When it went to take down the signs, I recall being so weary that I could barely pull them up. And we didn't make much more than $200, so why bother? But for this time, it was too late to NOT do it. I had boxes of good stuff saved and a bit of small furniture to unload. My prayer the night before is that it would be a "joy and delight" to everyone, including me.

By the end of day one (Weds), we had cleared $200. Day two, I decided to do 1/2 price because it was my last day. We cleared $450! And got rid of a bunch of junk in the process. A few people told me that they hadn't been to such a nice sale in a long time. A few people went away very happy. One lady commented that she felt like I was giving her things, boy did she have a big smile. Another lady said that she had almost lost her faith in garage sales and was going to stop. But my sale renewed her faith in garage sales. I had no idea there was a faith in garage sales, but whatever it is, that lady had it.

By the end, I wasn't exhausted, not energetic, but pleased. It was my best garage sale yet. Will I do it again? Not for awhile, maybe in 2 years. But then again, I am getting rid of stuff NOW so maybe I will never again have that much nice stuff at one time to sell.

Whatever the case, it was a Joy and Delight.

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