Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Embracing Winter

We're into January, and I've finally made peace with winter. Or at least a truce. In the beginning, I was so sad to not be running outside. The dark, the cold, the streets that were lined with piles of snow, all contributed to the malaise.

The treadmill workouts were like going from a 5 star restaurant to a family diner. Yes, you can still run, but there is so much less color and interest. Odd, because when I first started running outside, I was so self-conscious and wanted to hide inside. There were flirtations with workout videos and thoughts and plans for other alternatives. But this last couple of weeks I just simply started to move. And with the moving, came the truce.

Just 10 minutes of jump roping, that's all. And in the upstairs hallway, where no lights could be hit or things broken. Believe it or not, sometimes I'd sweat or get out of breath rather easily. I used to be so good at jump rope, could do 100 and be just fine. Now, I find myself tripping up quickly. But it was movement and it felt good.

This week, I've been tromping through the snow with my dog. Since I take him out at least 2 times (my hubby the other) I've been lacing up my snow boots. The snow is knee deep in places and there are layers of soft snow, crunchy snow, and all measures in between. We've made a track of sorts, breaking trails and tromping down unusual places. Just 2-3 laps at a time and I am slightly winded.

Let the snow fall!
I will tromp it down.

Let the cold winds blow!
I will jump inside

Let the winter be over soon
And I will run again.

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