Thursday, January 27, 2011

Go Hard or Go Home...wait, I AM at home!

On Tuesday, I wanted to change up my routine a little, the muscles in the back of my legs were tired from all this running and walking. So I unwrapped my "30 Day Shred" DVD by Jillian Michaels. Note that I bought this DVD before I started running. I was a little hesitant to switch to a video, because I wasn't sure if I could make myself break a sweat.

I should've known. This is Jillian Michaels, after all.

I was sweating within 3 minutes.

At one point, you could hear me saying, "I'd rather be running."

What I learned from this video, was that I am the one that has to push myself to go harder, to finish. When I've done videos before, I've always just done what I could and didn't push it. Burning calories is burning calories, right? But now, after this summer and learning more about fitness, I was ready to put it all out there for a video. There are places that I can go to if I push myself harder. And even then, I wonder if I can go harder than that. The video brought home to me all the things that I've been learning the last few months.

Then yesterday, back to running; 1 minute on, 2 minute walking. I had thoughts of 2 minute runs and 2 minute walks. And then, the plans went down the drain. My legs were fatigued almost from the first set. Yes, I was going at a faster pace, but from my run on Monday, I thought I could push myself more. Instead, I struggled to finish. I kept thinking, "I can stop now, I'm tired." And then the other voice responded, "just go one more set." I finished. Gotta keep listening to that second voice.

Today I'll let my body rest and then be back at it on Friday.

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