Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes, I am still alive!
No, I am not running!
Yes, I do feel a bit guilty about that.
No, I am not giving up totally.

After the 5k, I ran some and then when daylight savings hit, I was constantly tired and sleepy. My perfectionist mode kicked in that said, "if I can't get up early 3 mornings a week, then it's not really running."

Side note: I haven't gained any weight over the holidays. I tried to be sensible in my food choices. So this means, that the weight I lost in running, was true weight loss.

Now, after the holidays, it's time to regroup. I recall that when I first started, I ran in the afternoons or even the evenings. When I started to feel more awake and healthier, I got up in the mornings. I have started to exercise in the evenings again. As someone once said, the best time to exercise is when you have time.

Note the word "exercise." I haven't worked up to running yet. I've done some treadmill walking and last night I did some jump roping. 10 minutes of that was a workout. What I like about jump roping is that I don't need to change clothes or even put shoes on, I can just grab the rope and do it wherever. I am also using more of my body in this one exercise.

The idea for the rope came when I started to think about my upcoming trip to India. The places that I'll be traveling are not safe for women to go running around alone in. So with a jump rope, I'll be able to do that anywhere, and can do even 10 minute segments and stay active.

After I return home, it will be more warm out and I'll be putting together another running plan. I already think I know what I'll do - Amby Burfoot's plan. It's a nice, no pressure one that is a bit lengthier than the C25k. In the fall, I WILL do another 5k and run all or most of it.

Will it be a barefoot runner?
A Chi runner?
A Pose Runner?
A person who just gets out there when she can and does whatever she can?

Tune in and find out.

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