Saturday, January 29, 2011

It CAN be done!

I've lost another pound today! I am down lower than I was when I was running. One week, 2 pounds down.


Why, you may ask, didn't I lose this weight before, if I could do 2 pounds in a week the week before I leave the country? Good question. My guesses are:

  • I know more about fitness and weight loss now than I did last summer
  • I am more motivated now than I was before
  • I am working toward weight loss, not a race
  • I am eating healthier and have made changes that were needed - and I am not craving the junk
When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was very hopeful. You see, I have been doing what diet people tell you NOT to do - weigh yourself everyday. But everyday, I would stay the same or go down a little. We have a digital scale that shows ounces. I'd be down a fourth or half a pound here and there, and yesterday, I was right on the dot of my lowest weight, no ounces. I knew if I could work hard enough and eat right, I could get below that number.

Yesterday, I did a walk/run workout and pushed myself to sweat for awhile. I even ran for about 3 minutes straight (could have gone longer). And before I went to bed, the Trader Joe's milk chocolate bar was calling me to eat a square. I have had a couple small squares this last week when I craved something sweet. But I thought to myself, "self, if you eat this chocolate, it could mean the difference between your next pound lost."

That last statement is a new way of thinking for me. Instead of feeling like a kid whose mom has forbid them something good, I was making a choice between weight loss, or a sweet something. What happened to my head?! Who took over my brain?! Who is this woman, and how can I get more of her thinking?!

Anyway, back to the scale. It was *** pounds and 8 ounces, just barely under. But it's there, and it's good. I really had wanted to lose this pound before leaving for India. For one reason, I won't be able to eat as healthy while traveling, so I could sure use that "buffer" of another pound. For another reason, I wanted myself to know that I could do it. That I could come back home, after 2 weeks of semi-bad eating and not as much exercise and KNOW, really know that I CAN do it. I can lose weight by diet and exercise.

Because, I've never done this before and had success. But now I have, and I know it can be done.

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