Monday, May 9, 2011

In Which We Realize There are no Dandelions in Our Yard and Rejoice

When we took a walk tonight, I noticed these funny yellow little flowers in some peoples yard.  And then it struck me - for the first time since we moved in, we aren't one of the first on the block to have them!  We've had a lawn service come in and spray, seed and things like that in our front yard.

And then when we got home, I walked the dog to the back yard and the rejoicing stopped; plastic pool, bags of leaves from last fall, dead spots from moldering leaf piles and assorted debris.  Yuck. 

You have walked 10 miles.
You have passed Last View of Hobbiton.
It is 8 miles to the next landmark.
You have 448 miles to reach Rivendell.

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