Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not A Team Player

Watching my body change each week is a new experience for sure.  I've never really lost weight before, despite all the "trying" over the years.  Even when I was a teenager and came home from school, rode my horse and did aerobics.  My mom would prepare a hearty meal filled with meat, starches and butter and our veggies came from cans or jars.  Sometimes I still crave those foods of childhood, but I find they are usually too rich for me now. 

Today I ran a little on the treadmill.  This is the first time since I had a little injury in April.  I had thought that I would want to just keep walking.  But my legs had other ideas - they were longing to run.  And that makes sense, because running has always been one of my strong sports.  I was never good at team sports, when the whole team depended on you to stand there, and hit or catch or block.  Maybe I was ok with basketball except I'm short, and soccer was a good game, except we only rarely played it and there was no girls soccer team at our school then. 

Instead, I went out for things that required myself to challenged such as choir and art and track for one season.  It's not that I was never athletic, even though my experience with team sports may lead you to believe that.  I was athletic - but not as a team player.  I needed the freedom to do my best for my own self, and not think about how it affected others.  And that is the truth in about anything I put my hands to whether it is following a knitting pattern or writing a blog. 

To my own self be true.

There is an athlete still inside.

This week's goal - to get to the 20 mile mark by Saturday evening.

You have walked 17 miles.
You have passed Last View of Hobbiton.
It is 1 miles to the next landmark.
You have 441 miles to reach Rivendell.

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