Friday, May 20, 2011

Scale-ing Back

I had an interesting conversation at the yarn shop last week.  The shop is where I get the best news around town, the world and interesting conversation.  Missy is a dietitian and encouraged me to get rid of my scale.  After some thinking, I think she's right.  I've seen more changes in my body than the scale shows. So on one hand, it feels as if I've become a bit smaller - but on the scale side, it doesn't seem like much is happening at all.  I've decided to put my scale away in our closet and only weigh in maybe once a month.  This is much better than my almost every day obsessive weigh-ins!

Changes I've seen lately:
  • My shirt arms seem to have become longer and the shoulder seems are hanging down my arms
  • Stomach continues to change in the way it carries the weight - looking like a slowly deflating tire
  • The shirt I bought a few weeks ago as an incentive because it was tight when I put it on - is not so tight now.  Just a little bit bulgy.  I may be able to wear it come summer.
  • I look and feel smaller and can see changes
On the other hand, or foot, if you will, my "official" exercising has been slow going this week. It doesn't mean that I am not moving around, though.  I still hope to get to the next landmark by Sunday.

You have walked 14 miles.
You have passed Last View of Hobbiton.
It is 4 miles to the next landmark.
You have 444 miles to reach Rivendell.

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