Saturday, July 2, 2011

Extreme Makeover, My Edition

I've been watching Extreme Makeover shows, the Home Edition and now the Weight Loss edition.  Some of those people are losing 50-130 pounds in 3 months.  Granted, they are equipped with knowledge, a coach, tools, etc. and do it as their job.  But that is some serious weight loss.

What if...I could do my own edition? I noticed that the most weight that they lose is in the first quarter of the weight loss, then it gets a little less.  So, here's my own edition - lose 40 pounds by the end of the year.

My gosh, that a big goal.  And a little scary too, because I will be so different too - in many ways.  But, it is also a good and doable challenge.

Here's the breakdown:
July - 10 pounds
August - 9 pounds
September - 8 pounds
October - 7 pounds
November - 6 pounds
= 40 pounds down

I'll give myself December off to maintain and then review in January. 

The contestants also get rewards for reaching their goals.  So, if I lose the 10 pounds for July, then my reward will be a complete new outfit - head to toes; shoes, clothes, accessories, lingerie, maybe even something for the hair.  No new clothes before that.  I don't know what the rewards will be for the other months, I'll probably set those as I go.

Weigh in is once a month, so I will have to keep myself from stepping on that scale.  My weigh in this morning was _ _ 9 (you didn't think that I'd really post my weight, did you?).

Next weigh in - August 1st.

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