Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year of Taking Care

Every year, instead of making New Year's Resolutions - I make a year's theme.  This year is the year of Taking Care.  Last year was a hard year with sickness and my father's passing from cancer.  Care is a gentle word but also implies progress.  Gentle progress.

A year of Taking Care means Taking Care of:

  • My continuing recovery from the loss of my father and in a way, of my childhood and parents.
  • My health
  • My relationships
  • My future - whether it's at a new job or something else
  • The responsibility given to me by my dad - to archive our family history
  • My home - continue to declutter and get rid of stuff
  • My writing
  • The situation at my church - whether to stay or not

Some of these things don't feel gentle to me now.  But as the year progresses, I hope to gain back my energy to be able to continue to move gently forward on these things.  But most importantly, above all the themes and goals, to take care to listen to the voice of God and what He has next for me.

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