Monday, September 23, 2013

Britain - Day 1-2; Travel, Travel, Sleep, Travel

We left on a Friday evening and flew into Heathrow about noon on Saturday.  After a little debating on what to do next, we decided to travel on towards our Gatwick hotel since I was feeling tired from pneumonia still.  We stayed at the Gatwick Best Western Moat House Hotel near the Gatwick airport, which we would fly out of the next day.  It was a small room but comfortable.  They had a place to eat where we had our first fish n chips.
Gatwick Hotel
 From Gatwick to Kirkwall, we had a few hours layover in Glasgow.  We took a bus to the city center and wandered around the streets and saw a Tardis.

The visitor center pointed us to the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art which was free.  The photo below is looking out through one of the windows onto the street below.

Our flight to the Orkneys was in a little propeller plane.  It was a beautiful flight with just a few fluffy white clouds over the land of Scotland.  As soon as the islands came into view, I started to recognize them.  And to top it off, one of my first things I saw on landing were sheep.

We got our car rental and drove to our guest house, Brinkie's, situated near Stromness.  It overlooked the little town with gorgeous views toward Hoy Island.

The view from our window, our rental car at far right
Brinkie's Guest House

Yvonne is a fabulous hostess and provided a warm welcome and a room equipped with everything we needed.  We decided to walk down to the town from Brinkie's Brae (hill) for dinner.
The path down the hill
 We ate in the Ferry Inn, the pub was the only part with available seating.  We had a nice dinner then walked around the harbor.
The sun was just setting and we decided it was time to look for a cab back to our place.  It was too steep a walk for my lungs to take just then.  After some difficulty in trying to call the cab company, hubby decided to walk back up and get the car.  What a guy!

As I was waiting for him outside the Stromness Hotel, a man told me I could buy it for 1 million.  I told him I'd keep that in mind.  Yvonne later told me that it was up for sale and many people were hoping someone would buy it so they would continue to have their favorite pub to go to.
Stromness Hotel
We called it a night after deciding not to buy the Hotel.

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