Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Britain Day 12 - Sarah and the Tower of London

About 10 years ago, I started chatting online with an English woman named Sarah.  We share the same birthday, though not the same year.  We read lots of the same books, have many other interests in common including writing.  Along with a Canadian friend, we three have a writing group together.  Since I was in the "neighborhood," she came down to London to meet me.

"Rosalind" and Sarah

We met at the Tower of London and toured it together.  First off, a beafeater tour.  Quick, humorous and to the point.

I've always pictured the Tower of London more like just a couple tall, towerish buildings.  It's more like a mini town that was built on over the centuries.  There was lots to see and we didn't go into most of the buildings.  Hubby said I was too busy talking.  I say
he was too busy taking pictures.

As we were walking along, we spotted a guard.  There was hardly anyone around so we stood in front and I couldn't but help take some photos of the poor guy.  As I was waiting for him to move again, a couple other guards came.  This was the changing of the guard - and I had front row viewing!  One of the guards said that some people had to move, the guard wouldn't move for them.  And off they marched.

We also viewed the crown jewels.  Again, this was different than expectations.  There was very little jewelry.  Mostly it was crowns and utensils used in ceremonies.  

We ended our time together having some coffee just outside of the Tower.
Sarah and Ros leaving the Tower
 No rain that day, but it was cool and windy.  It was nice to see the sun over the Tower Bridge.

Sarah went back to her dad's and we went back to our studio.  We had a frozen pizza with pop and Pringles for dinner.  It was the best frozen pizza I've ever had - seasoned with tiredness and sprinkled with a taste of home.
The Shard

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Anonymous said...

We also went to the chapel where Queen Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and others are buried beneath the floor.