Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Britain Day 13 - 221B and the Globe

Sometimes you just have to visit a tourist trap because you want to.  Such is the case with us visiting 221 Baker Street.  It's the actual address where Doyle based the Sherlock Holmes series, so perhaps it's not such a tourist trap after all.  

The place is not just for Sherlock fans, it's also a neat little Victoria style museum.  The building is protected because of its unique Victorian style.  

Even the toilet in the visitor center was picture worthy,
I had to pull the chain.

The only thing I could find there about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was this little picture, which of course didn't turn out in my picture. 

The "bobby" outside was actually a tour guide.  No arrests or bumbling attempts at crime solving were made.  Hubby enjoyed this place, he's a bigger Sherlock fan than I am.  The place is smaller of course than what you see in the shows and movies.  But makes more sense to the actual books as Sherlock could leap across the room.  Easy to do that if it's only bout 8' across.

I actually planned our lunch stop ahead of time.  Just a few blocks down on Baker Street is a M&S with a cafe.  We stopped to get their Tea for Two for only 10pds.  It included a sandwhich, 2 scones with jam and butter, 2 pots of tea, 2 tarts and little cookies.  More than enough food for our lunch stop.  I was a little disappointed because someone else got this and they arranged it on the 3 tier thing. But we did have ours before noon, so we were unfashionably early.

The highlight of London for me was next.  We had tickets for the Globe's production of a Midsummer Night's Dream.

This isn't my favorite play but the production was fantastic.  It was the best Shakespeare production I've seen yet.  And why not?  It's Shakespeare's London after all.  I did have a little giggle when I went to "will call" for William Shakespeare tickets.

Did I mention it was another rainy day?  The quote from the ponchos was actually referring to mercy.  The groundlings are not allowed to use umbrellas or sit at any time.  Yet they can buy rain ponchos with a quote taken out of context.  That's a different quality of mercy in my opinion.

A few years ago, when I heard they were going to rebuild the Globe, I seriously considered using all our funds to go over and see it.  I'm so glad that I finally got to go and experience a taste of what it could've been like.

The walk from the Globe over the walking bridge has lovely Thames views.  Just on the other side is St. Paul's Cathedral which was closed by that time of day.

We found a Chinese restaurant to eat at and the food was delicious.  One difference from American restaurants is that the noodles and rice cost extra.  And there are no fortune cookies.

We got back to our studio and prepared for our last full day in Britain, which would take us to Oxford.

Edited to add: Photos of other toilets for Sarah.

These were just on display, not usable like the one above.  Though hubby did use one that you had to bring a bucket of water in to flush it.  That one was on the Brough of Birsay.

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sarah said...

Many public toilets were still chain pulled when I was young :D.

The chinese near me gives fortune cookies :).

Julie said...

Well, none of the Chinese places gave us cookies, maybe they didn't like us. I do have pics of older toilets, I'll add them onto the end for you.