Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Britain Days 9 & 10 - The Night Train to London

We woke to a rainy, windy morning.  After checking out of Bluebell, we dropped off our laundry and took a taxi to Culloden.  No buses go there on Sunday.

This is where the clans had their last battle and died within an hour.  We spent some time inside the center then walked out onto the battlefiled.

Headsets were provided and we got to #2 when the rain began to pour.  Up went my umbrella, then it went inside out.  At this point in the trip we were pretty tired from a lot of walking and more days were wet than dry.
 I didn't feel as tired from the pneumonia, rather just plain travel weary.  So we opted to conserve our energy and take a shorter tour outside.

I do wish we could've done the whole battlefield tour, it had such a lonely tragic feel to it.  Especially on a cloudy cold day.  Probably not too different from when the battle took place.

Many places we had seen or would see had a relationship to this place.  The Scottish warriors left their mark in many ways.

The rain continued as we headed back to Inverness, looking for a place to warm up.  We nipped into Urquharts and found that we were at last at a Scottish restaurant.

We had some time before our train to London, so we wandered the streets in the rain after picking up our luggage from the laundry and Bluebell.

The Gap of Rohan?

At last it was time to board the sleeper train, the Caledonian Sleeper to be exact.  We fell asleep in Edinburgh and woke in London.  

Our delivered train coffee was instant, so our first stop was at a coffee shop.  I never saw a drip coffee maker, only coffee press or espresso.  It made each coffee stop feel special.

We dropped our luggage off at the rental office and walked to the British Museum. 

Where I had my first London sheep sighting.

We wandered around until it was time to check in.  Our studio rental was larger than I had pictured.  There was a large room with beds, desks and closet.  A separate kitchen with eat in area, a bathroom and an entry.  We fell tiredly to the bed and napped.

Dinner was at the London Pub, we were getting the hang of how to order by this time.  Take a table, look at the menu, order at the bar, then wait for the food to come.  By this point I was ordering lemonade on tap or a Coke.  And getting a little tired of "chips" which are like thick cut fries to us - and opted for the salad instead wherever I could.  The area we were in was a part of the university and there were a lot of students and student noise and activity.  But our building was pretty quiet in comparison.

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