Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Britain Outtake - 8 Reasons to Visit the Orkney Islands

What makes the Orkney Islands unique?  We had the opportunity to find out.

1.  There aren't many trees on the island.  So the islanders put up standing stones so their sheep can itch themselves on them.  There are possibly more sheep than people on the islands.
Standing Stones of Sheepness/Stenness

2.  Are you my mummy?

3.  They have a very progressive culture, even hundreds of years ago.  See evidence here of an early cross-dresser.

4.  Postal costs are criminal, just see the news on the Royal Mail lately.  Citizens had to put out traps at night, hoping to catch a stray stamp to mail letters home.

5.  Boats that eat cars.  And what is worse, you have to pay to have it done.

6.  Tough citizens.  This lawn ornament, is it disarmed?  Although when watching highland games, note how close the judges stand to where they think the hammer or stone will land.  They don't even flinch.

7.  I don't know about you, but if I leave a stain, no one cares.  But if you're a dwarf and leave a stain (mispelled "stane" here), then they erect a monument in stone for you.
Dwarfie Stane

Martello Tower
8.  Places that were built to keep Americans out, just don't work like they used to. 

In all honesty, I loved the islands and have many serious reasons to recommend them, see my other posts in Britain 2013.  I loved how everyone was friendly, would say hi or wave.  The landscape, sheep, yarn at almost every store, delicious food, a rich culture in many ways all culminate to a unique place.

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