Friday, April 4, 2014

3 Generations on a Wall

A few years ago I came across a photo of plate wall art.  When we repainted the kitchen, my plan was to use the plates that my grandmother gave me, plates that my mom's brother gave to her, plates from our cupboards and plates from garage sales to fill in the rest.  Pinterest pinning ensued.

I used super glue, Lochtite, my favorite, and glued sawtooth hangers to the backs of the plates.  I did try to
use plate hangers on the nice ones but they wouldn't lay flat or securely on the wall.  So they got glued too,  I figured that at least they were being used, not stored in a box.

Click on any photo to see it bigger.

Using the rule of thirds, I measured my wall and made a line with paint tape 1/3 down from the ceiling.  Then I measured horizontal thirds and marked that as well.  My plan was to start high on the left, cross the left cross mark (where the horizontal and vertical points meet), drop down, then up to the right cross, pop just above that and level out on the line.  

I'm not one to plan ahead a lot, this was already a lot of planning for me.  So I decided to put "like" plates and sizes together.  I made 6 piles of 5 plates in each.  My plan was to take one plate from each pile, working down the piles from left to right.  That way I'd still have the random look but still be semi organized.

The clock is the only one of its kind, so I put that on the left cross point, then put up my first 6 plates, sweeping downward.  

The next 6 plates worked their way up to the the right cross point.

I popped the next plate up over the line, then started to work them back down to the line.

I had 2 sets of 6 plates left, so I worked on the left side.  The plates were placed in an upward movement toward the top of the patio door on the left.

I did some minor adjustments to "even out" the lines and all that was left was the clean up.

Eventually I'd like to get some more plates and "overflow" onto the wall above the patio door.  Just a touch of plates trailing onto the wall.

When my husband came home, I actually got a "wow" from him.  I wasn't sure if it was a "wow" that looks great or a "wow" what the heck did you do to our kitchen?  But I'm very happy with it, they make me smile.  It adds a lot of movement, drama and artsy style to the place.  

This plate wall is one of the items on my 41 by 41 list.  Two down, 39 to go.
Now I have to figure out what to do with this ugly linoleum.

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