Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I've only finished one this so far for this month for the 41 by 41.  Yeah, there's still a few weeks to go but I didn't get all 4 last month either.  But, I have a few "almosts" and "works in progresses."

#2 - almost there, just a few things to verify.
#3 - had a minor difficulty.  Changing patterns and ripping back.
#4 - piecing is just about there.
#9 - I rode in it, does that count?  Didn't think so.
#17 - we pumped up the tires and inspected it, but then it rained for a week.  Bleh.
#18 - picked it up again, would like to enter it in the fairs.
#28 - written out, just need a few pics and some test knitters.
#40 - I'm thinking, poached salmon with hollandaise sauce, roasted baby red tomatoes with rosemary, green beans with almonds, baked rolls and some white whine/wine.

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