Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Update

Just yesterday, I posted my July update - or so it seems.  Time for the 41 by 41 update.

#4 - almost there, it's at the quilters.  After that, binding and voila!
#10 - Done, about 2 weekends ago.  I could've walked faster, next time I may take into "high" gear.
#21 - This one is a little tricky.  I took the cardi out and noticed a big hole in the center back.  The fronts which were on the needles, had a mistake in the cables at the very bottom.  It basically all has to be taken apart.  I've decided to knit a different cable cardi and started it last week.
#31 - Basically done, just have to order it off Shutterfly
#36 - still working on draft 2
#37 - booked for Feb 14th.

So, 16 done, 25 more to go and 7 months - 3.57 items need to be done per month to finish.  Honestly, I'm losing steam on some of the things on my list and time is running out for some seasonal ones.  Do I care if I don't do them all by 41?  I'm not sure yet.  Ask me after summer is over.

41 before 41

1)  Find space for prayer
2) Finish 2013 taxes
3) Make A and B something
4) Complete J’s quilt
5) Respond to C
6) Plate wall
7)  See a sunrise
8) Do an extreme couponing trip
9)  Drive the boat
10)  Drive the tractor
11)  Get a new look
12)  Get rid of past crafts
13)  Declutter house for move
14)  Clean drain
15)  Rock a part of the yard
16) Keep a manicure for 2 weeks
17)  Ride bike to farmer’s market
18)  Finish linen stitch blanket
19)  Set up accounts for online banking
20)  Put flowers on parents grave
21)  Knit cable cardi
22)  Take the train
23)  Write an article
24)  Share my faith
25) Buy myself flowers
26)  Paint craft room
27)  Explore international genealogy
28)  Design a knitting pattern
29)  Give A her book
30)  England part 2 book
31)  India year 2 book
32)  Eat Korean food
33) Organize family photos
34)  Try on a size 16
35)  Buy something sexy
36)  Publish women in India book
37)  Go to a play
38)  Take a Class
39)  Write a poem
40)  Cook something gourmet
41)  Schedule that photo shoot

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