Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Update

Cruise Night at the Drive-in with my brother and nephew

Ah, July.  The height of summer and activities.  Of hot temps, ice cream cones, boat rides and car shows.  Goal making?  Not so much.  July was pretty much a fail for me.  Here's how it went down, or didn't.

#1 - Find space for prayer.
This came up unexpectedly as a lot of spiritual things do.  God knows I like surprises.  I had imagined that after I repainted my craft room, I'd find a cozy chair and stick it in the corner for a prayer corner.  But in the interim, my prayer spot has become the right side of our couch, with a handy knitting project that I take out mostly to knit on when I pray.  It's not as ideal or perfect, but one can't always wait for those things.

#28 - Design a Knitting Pattern
It's all written up, but before I could publish it, guess what?  Someone else already had one up almost exactly like it.  But on the other hand, I did print mine up for a friend who needed it to make the cowl.  So it's designed and printed.  I'm not sure if I want to publish it now that there's a similar one out there, we'll see.

And that's it.

#4 is done but for the quilting and binding
#18 is the project in #1, about 8" more to go
#26 is pretty close, almost done with the declutter
#27 will be soon, I'm into it again.
#31 is close, I have a free code for the book now, just have to add in the last few pages
#36 first draft is done

So, I have 14 of the 41 done and 8 months to complete them which makes it 3.75 to do per month.  Time to get a move on.  However, some of the items have become less important to me.  It's interesting what I thought was important to accomplish only a few months ago that no longer have meaning to me.  So we'll see how those go.

Here's the updated list:

41 before 41

1)  Find space for prayer
2) Finish 2013 taxes
3) Make A and B something
4) Complete J’s quilt
5) Respond to C
6) Plate wall
7)  See a sunrise
8) Do an extreme couponing trip
9)  Drive the boat
10)  Drive the tractor
11)  Get a new look
12)  Get rid of past crafts
13)  Declutter house for move
14)  Clean drain
15)  Rock a part of the yard
16) Keep a manicure for 2 weeks
17)  Ride bike to farmer’s market
18)  Finish linen stitch blanket
19)  Set up accounts for online banking
20)  Put flowers on parents grave
21)  Knit cable cardi
22)  Take the train
23)  Write an article
24)  Share my faith
25) Buy myself flowers
26)  Paint craft room
27)  Explore international genealogy
28)  Design a knitting pattern
29)  Give A her book
30)  England part 2 book
31)  India year 2 book
32)  Eat Korean food
33) Organize family photos
34)  Try on a size 16
35)  Buy something sexy
36)  Publish women in India book
37)  Go to a play
38)  Take a Class
39)  Write a poem
40)  Cook something gourmet
41)  Schedule that photo shoot

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