Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Out of Georgia

My hike to Sacrifice Cliff

I'm deep into the Appalachian Trail now, at least in spirit.  I've "hiked" over 56 miles so I'm just past Tray Mountain in Georgia.  At the same time, I'm continuing to read trail memoirs.  One of the stories I've added was the Barefoot Sisters.  I got their southbound book free awhile ago.  So I thought, why not revisit that and then read the northbound journey for this?  I got so into their nobo (northbound) story that I forgot to check to see when they hiked as far as I have.

Bly Gap.  Where the heck is that on my list?  I had copied it all out from a page by dwhike, printed it double columns and back to back.  And then I noticed something silly.  My last mile marker from Georgia was at 76.4 miles, then it skips to NC at 273.2.  I was missing 198 miles of information.  So I am farther from the border than I thought I'd be.

My tendon is getting better, I started to do strengthening exercises on it now.  I'm limiting myself to under two miles an outing now, less if the terrain is not very flat.  This sounds pretty wimpy compared to what real thru-hikers go through.  However, once this injury is totally better I'll be able to hike longer and harder.

Since moving to Montana, I've lost about five pounds just by hiking.  My body already feels different; stronger legs, more stamina and the fat seems to literally be dropping.  I even had a dream last night that I had this ridge of muscle going down the side of my leg from my strength training.  It was kind of weird but also a badge of honor to have earned it.

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