Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surprise! New Plan

And once again, I have concocted a plan.  It'll be our little secret, just you and me.  Because you know by the fact that this blog is quiet response-wise, it really is just you and I together here.  So don't say anything awhile, k?

The plan: run a 5k at the end of October.

No, this isn't a repeat post.  I'm going to do it again, though I am starting about 15 days earlier this time.  Plus, I am in better shape and not passing out when I run a minute.  I may want to pass out if I run 5, though.  But we'll cross that line later.

This time, I'm not really going to tell anyone, it's just you that knows.  I think I work better this way, so there isn't the pressure of expectations and I can come from behind like an underdog and say, "hey, I ran 2 miles this morning, I think I'm almost ready for that 5k" and THEN it'll be cool to talk about it.

The plan I wrote up is a 20 week thing (which you know I will be revising as I go) but this is different than the cookie cutter 5k programs.  I took into account the times that I will be out of town.  I took into account how I ran last fall and trained naturally.  And then I took into account the fact that I never stick to a plan, even my own.

I start on Monday, and I will be going outside.  I haven't run outside yet this spring, so I will start very slow and see how it works.  My goal will be to run just 1 minute 3 times during my morning outing.  And I think I may take the dog, which means an extra reason to take it easy.  He isn't quite there yet for healing.  But that also will mean that I need to get up earlier so that it doesn't screw him up with his feeding times.

So, my dear friend, think of me on Monday morning as I roll out of bed thinking, "dang, what did I get myself into," and roll onto the street. 

Let's really hope it's not raining.

You have walked 25 miles.
You have passed Green Hill Country.
It is 2 miles to the next landmark.
You have 433 miles to reach Rivendell.


Frances aka "Barefoot Fresca" said...

Wow, there you are! I lost track of you. This blog was named something else and had a different link. I didn't realize you were blogging still. I think the last one I read was your "Breaking a Sweat" post back in January or something. I've got some catching up to do.

I think it's great that you are designing your own plan for the 5K based on your knowledge of your self and your life. That's very smart!

Julie said...

So glad you found me! A few posts back I posted that I had deleted my "new" blog accidentally, but was able to use my backed up files to combine my other blogs together. It looks messy, but its working.