Friday, June 28, 2013

Fresh Fruit

Last night I dreamt two dreams that I remember now.  I'll tell the second one first as it's the one that I don't want to lose detail on.

I was in a church, like the old one in Mound, before the renovation.  Old wooden pews lined up toward the front.  People I knew were there from past churches and some that I didn't know.  I was alone so I sat with a family that I always got along with.  I felt like people were being nice to me, but I wasn't a part of them anymore.

This was Communion Sunday.  The ushers started passing out plates of fruit.  There was a collective "ahh" from the congregation.  I don't know if it was because this was a new thing - to have fruit instead of wafers or that it looked so good.  Because the fruit looked delicious!  Fresh pineapple slices, slices of melons, bananas and others, some on toothpicks to make it easy to take one.

What a great idea to have fresh fruit instead of those dried up crackers or wafers.  A family that was sitting a few rows up received a whole fruit basket, wrapped up in a bow.  I remember thinking that it wasn't a wise idea to give one family more fruit than it needed when not everyone had their fruit yet.  But they were very happy and surprised.

When the fruit tray finally came to my aisle, there were only two choices on it.  I chose a juicy piece of pineapple, but it didn't have a toothpick so I held it gingerly in my fingers.  Juices were dripping off it, so I had to bite off a piece here and there.  As soon as I had picked mine, another tray with more choices came by.

Other people were nibbling at their Communion fruit, most had already eaten theirs.  I wondered if we were supposed to hold our "elements" until everyone could partake at once, or eat them when we got them.  I chose to wait, being a traditional sort of person.

The family on the pew next to me shifted over to the left, I was on the end on the right.  There was plenty of room in the pew.  I shifted over and immediately someone sat beside me - my dad.  I didn't think about how odd that was until I woke up.  I was happy to see him and now I had someone to sit with that I knew.  And I remember thinking that if the family had just shifted over earlier and not hogged the pew, that more people I knew could have sat with me.

I don't remember much else of the dream and I don't recall eating the fruit.  But the symbolism of fresh fruit among the churches of my past is interesting.  And even the people of my past - family and friends.  I don't like how judgemental my thoughts were about the one family getting a whole basket, or the family I was sitting with, hogging the seats.  It reminded me of the prodigal son's older brother - the one who couldn't be happy for someone else getting something extra.


The other dream was quite short, or at least what I remember of it now.

My husband and I were in the airport, on our way to fly to England.  My mom was there too - she was the one "in charge" like a mom would be.  We had left so quickly, we didn't bring anything with us, so we planned to buy everything we needed in the airport before we left.

I then had a terrible realization.  I forgot to bring my carry on to put everything into!  "Crap, crap, crap!"  There was no time to go home and get it, so we had to buy everything there with very little time.

Maybe I'm feeling a bit unprepared about our trip.  Time to go make some plans.

One observation from both these dreams is that my mom and my dad appeared in them in one night.  I don't remember the lat time I dreamt about them.