Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Update

Just yesterday, I posted my July update - or so it seems.  Time for the 41 by 41 update.

#4 - almost there, it's at the quilters.  After that, binding and voila!
#10 - Done, about 2 weekends ago.  I could've walked faster, next time I may take into "high" gear.
#21 - This one is a little tricky.  I took the cardi out and noticed a big hole in the center back.  The fronts which were on the needles, had a mistake in the cables at the very bottom.  It basically all has to be taken apart.  I've decided to knit a different cable cardi and started it last week.
#31 - Basically done, just have to order it off Shutterfly
#36 - still working on draft 2
#37 - booked for Feb 14th.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Update

Cruise Night at the Drive-in with my brother and nephew

Ah, July.  The height of summer and activities.  Of hot temps, ice cream cones, boat rides and car shows.  Goal making?  Not so much.  July was pretty much a fail for me.  Here's how it went down, or didn't.

#1 - Find space for prayer.
This came up unexpectedly as a lot of spiritual things do.  God knows I like surprises.  I had imagined that after I repainted my craft room, I'd find a cozy chair and stick it in the corner for a prayer corner.  But in the interim, my prayer spot has become the right side of our couch, with a handy knitting project that I take out mostly to knit on when I pray.  It's not as ideal or perfect, but one can't always wait for those things.