Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jazzing June

Three months completed and 12 of the 41 by 41 are checked off the list.  That's an average of 4 per month.  With 9 months to go, there are 29 things left.  I'll need to average 3.22222222222 items per month to complete them all.  Which I think is pretty doable if I try to go for 4 per month.  Some of the items take a bit more time and effort such as #4, #13, #18, #21, #24, #26, etc.  And some are fairly easy so I'll save them for when I need them.

I've considered changing a few of these as I don't know if I still want to do them.  Would that be cheating?  And if so, who am I cheating?  But for now, all items stay as they are.  Here's what I did this last month.