Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the Needles

It's a bit longer than this, but I haven't snapped another shot of it. I like the unduating - ness of this scarf. Two people already said that they want this for their Christmas gift from me. That makes three, I want it too.

Sayuri is almost done. It's fitting okay although believe it or not, slightly roomy. I only have the bottom part to do yet. What? You didn't think I was going to bare my midriff, did you?


I brought all my paperwork with me this morning. First stop, Walmart for photos. I paid $10 for two very small and awful pictures of me. Then, off to the gvt center.

The lady said that I should've tried to get there before 4:30pm because of the adoption thing and she couldn't call the other office. How in the world I would know that, is beyond me. The person that I spoke with on the phone didn't mention that. But anyway, they accepted my papers and we went through the process and then I realized I forgot my checkbook.


Run home, grab checkbook, run back. Fees paid. Now, everything should go fine and I should have my passport soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It wasn't in the last place that I would've looked

I found it and I'm in shock.

Part of me thought that I wouldn't find the paperwork for the passport and that I wouldn't be going. I'd be sad and feel guilty about it all, but I'd be staying put. But now that I found it, it's really happening. I'm going to India.


I found it in a bunch of files in a box that were labeled with my health info. Not the most likely place to find a birth certificate, right? Well, when I was a senior in high school I went to Mexico and had all the immunizations and such to go with it. I must have filed all my papers from that into my health file. This wasn't at all where I expected it to be and I was prepared to continue to ransack the rest of the room plus two more areas and maybe the garage before shrugging and saying that it just wasn't meant to be.

Cris had prayed with me during my orientation and said she saw a picture of God handing me my birth certificate. That picture happened tonight.

I'm still in shock and now have to take it all a bit more seriously.

My friend Helen won't be going, though. I'm sad that she can't but fine with her reasons. I may now be the only knitter going on this trip.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Search Continues

I've also eliminated the craft room from my list of suspects. The search will continue tomorrow.

On the plus side, I found a lot of fabric and knitting books I forgot I had. Luckily, I wasn't easily distracted tonight.

The Search Begins

I have officially ruled out the guest room from hiding my citizenship papers. The room is entirely innocent and any hint of wrongdoing on its part was apologized for.

Although I did find a dust bunny or two.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's official!

Saturday I had my interview with Cris Rhyner of Partners in Hope for the India Missions Trip. Yesterday we had orientation. I'm really committed now. The money is put down, the initial meetings were done but more than that, I have a real vision of what are team is going to be like.

Helen is going as a knitter & crocheter and at the last moment, my friend Jan is going too. She didn't know it yesterday morning when she woke up...that she'd be going to an orientation meeting that afternoon for a missions trip. She has a great story of how God has called her to come and confirmed it. She'll be working with the orphanage.

And now, I have a list of things to do. After I get a few of these done, I'll breathe easier:

  1. Find all the papers I need to apply for my passport (which is really going to have to be God handing it to me).
  2. Get passport photos
  3. Apply for passport
  4. Write letter
  5. Get immunizations
  6. Find appropriate clothes
  7. Figure out what patterns to teach
  8. Gather materials
  9. Pray a lot
  10. and lots more than I can't think of right now.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Goa, India

Well, I did it. I just faxed over my app to Partners in Hope to go on a missions trip to India. My interview is tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Going Around In Circles

I'm home sick, went home early yesterday. Another ear infection, this time with a new side effect. When I was staring at the computer screen at work, my eyes suddenly did this little shake/tremble thing where I just could not focus. I had to look away after that.

My co-worker said that she gets that right before a migraine and to take aspirin and caffeine right away. I did do that, but my eyes continued to not cooperate when I wanted to read. Oh, I could look at things, just not focus too well.

Today I mostly feel dizzy with a head ache.

On the plus side, I got lots of knitting done, I suppose I should use my other blog to tell you about that. And yeah, I shouldn't be on the 'puter much to give my eyes a rest. But it's really hard to NOT go online.

This being at home has given me a bit of time to think about what I'd like to do if only I could walk straight and read stuff.

1. Clean my house. Hubby just hasn't gotten the hang of picking up the slack in housekeeping when I'm not well.

2. Do some writing.

3. Put my Operation Christmas Child Boxes together

4. Go buy some more yarn.

5. Start a podcast as the church librarian.

6. Start knitting a new project because I only have my knitting time booked up until the beginning of Christmas.

7. Find a cat to adopt.

8. Figure out how to knit crop circle designs in a purse.

9. Re-organize my books my dewey decimal system.

Can you tell that I'm one skein short of a sweater in some of my thinking?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Casting About

Lately, I've been "casting about" for projects. Yes, I've been cracking down on the wedding blanket, only 4 more changes until I'm done (but they get bigger each time). But I feel restless, like I want to start on something new but just can't get into it.

Case in point:
1. Berocco Inca Gold yarn bought for the Eastlake.
2. Nixed Eastlake, it's more like "knitting the lifestyle" than actually something that would be flattering.
3. Obsessed over patterns, what to do with all this great yarn?
4. Cast on for the February Lady's Sweater
5. Knit a Hallowig in a day
6. Messed up the Feb Lady and put it aside
7. Obsessed a bit more with patterns
8. Decided that I really wanted to make the Mirabella (Spring IK) into a fall cardi instead of spring
9. Obsessed even more with patterns
10. Swatched & cast on for the Sayuri sweater (Sensual Knits) last night


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Estes Vest - Done!

I finished the vest last weekend! It's really warm, so warm in fact, that I was a mite uncomfortable at the Mason Dixon knitting event on Sunday. But I will have plenty of use for it this winter.

1. Pocket placement - Did a full repeat of cables before beginning pocket. Also, spaced it a few more inches out on the sides. The pockets are about 5 1/2" long so my hands now fit comfortable inside. Keys fit too.

2. Cable pattern - Added the cable that's on the back, to the front, to even it out because mine is a larger size. Also added in a p1, k1, p1 between all cable sections to differentiate them better.

3. Collar - made it about 1" shorter because I don't like things that close to my neck.

4. Closures - added zipper instead of the buttons.

5. Armholes - did not add the I-cord border. This may change later, but for now it stays as is.

6. Knit this in one piece instead of 3. Added on faux seems with a p1.

7. I twisted the cables a row sooner for a tighter cable.

Something to think about for a next time (if there is one):

  • Cast on provisionally. That way you won't have to pick up stitches later for the I-cord, just "unzip" the provisional cast on.
  • Knit pockets in the round. After picking up the stitches and making the "hem" for the outter pocket, keep the stitches on the needles, pick up the stitches for the other side of the pocket, and knit in the round until desired length. Finishing can be done by either 3 needle BO, grafting or just sewing.
  • Don't have the I-cord going all the way up the collar. It makes it stiff and uncomfortable on the neck.
Here's a bad photo of me in the finished vest. Yeah, I do need to clean my mirror. If I ever get better photos, I'll post them instead.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pardon Me, the Mason Dixon Knitters Came to Town

But first, the Yarnery Singers...

Singing to the tune of popular songs from Oklahoma, including one about being a ravelry addict. After they were done, Kay & Ann were speechless and fanning themselves.

Lots of knitterly goodness, they had samples from their books that you could look at, touch and inspect the seams of.

Here's Ann & Kay with their alter egos on screen. Which hair do you think looks better on them? (Click on the picture below to see the video on youtube!)

And a wonderful whimsical monkey made its appearance. The person who made it was in the crowd.

N and I both wore our vests, mine was Estes, hers was another from the fall IK. I think we looked like the poster children for the Fall IK issue! The weather was a mite warm, so I shed my vest on the way home. While I was knitting on the February Lady Sweater (what? Did I forget to mention that project here?) someone asked if that was the pattern I was making. She had just made one in the same color. What a small knitting world we live in.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Wedding/Baby Blanket

No, it's not what you think (or what I would think by reading that title if I wasn't the one who had written it and already knew what I meant).

I've been working on the Log Cabin Baby Blanket as a wedding gift but doubling the size because it's for two adults. Yeah, I've had since February to work on it, the wedding is in December. My plan was to do 2-3 skeins a month. It started out well but now that I do my math again, I have to do 1 skein per week. Where has the time gone?

I'll admit, I've been a selfish knitter. I've managed to knit a cable cardi which almost fits, a silk cardi that needs a new collar worked in and an almost finished vest that needs a zipper. So realistically, just one large project finished and that one doesn't quite fit. Wow, is that an impressive list of FO's or what?

Thankfully, a blanket doesn't have to fit, except to be large enough to drape over people.

I've been cracking down on this thing and got 1 1/2 skeins in this week. Impressive? Only because it's garter stitch. My goal is to get this thing done quickly so that I can knit something for myself; or not finish another something for myself.

I'm considering hauling the blankie along to see the authors of the pattern, the Mason Dixon knitters. They'll be in St. Paul on Sunday.

Things I'm Learning

That God can still move and do great things, even if the person or the ministry isn't 100% theologically correct, mature, healthy, etc. (as I see it).

On one hand, this is logical. What person or ministry is ever 100% on? God would have very few people and groups to work with. Plus, the great things he brings about can cause us to grow into greater maturity and learning.

On the other hand, there's a tendency to believe that if God is moving and doing great things, then the person/ministry/group must be right on.

This makes me pause and think of how much I have yet to learn.

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

On impulse, I grabbed my camera before I went to work this morning. Boy am I glad that I did. Here are just two of all the gorgeousness outside this morning.

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Spend Month

I saw another blogger post about a No Spend Month and got to thinking. Could I do it? Probably not. But I could cut down on spending, for just one month.

Here's what I came up with for a goal for the next 4 weeks:

$50 grocery/week. It has been $80.
$15 lunch money/week - I have a staff lunch each week and then have a lunch date with friends on Friday. It has been $20 and up.
$50 personal spending money for the month which may seem like a lot but it will be challenging. I’m going to see the Mason Dixon knitters next Sunday and want their book, will want yarn, etc. Also, will have to use this for postage for sending out the yarn boxes. Plus, if I want anything non-knitting related, it’ll come out of this fund too.

I’m not including gas or anything else, those to me are fixed and something I really can’t change.

I will allow myself to “borrow” between lunch and spending money if I can save a bit more on one end.