Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Don't Wanna

Whose idea was this anyway? The last few days I've been wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew...or run. Perhaps I should have just started with a 1 or 2 mile goal. I don't feel in any better shape and have lost no weight. Is this typical? Or am I not pushing myself enough? Because I feel that I have been.

Last Friday I aced my workout, it was my last "run 60sec walk 90sec" workout. I did it on our new treadmill.

Sunday we went to the Science Museum. There were 6 flights of stairs - should be easy for someone who has been exercising, right? Wrong. It whipped my butt! I made it up 4 sets and then had to stop and admire the view over the railing while I panted. Where's the endurance? The leg strengthening? Not around here.

Monday was my first "90sec run, 60sec walk" workout. I went outside after I got home from a ladies night out and was already tired. I managed to do 3 sets, a far cry from the 6 I did on Friday. My feet were painfully sore because I was experimenting with arch supports. Oops!

Okay, I don't want to sound whiny. It is not an easy road to start this fitness thing off. There are other regimens which right now look pretty good. But is it really the case of the grass being greener on the other side of the finishing line? All in all, I am probably in better shape than I was two weeks ago. I run a little easier especially in the beginning. My legs are often sore which means my muscles are building. I am seeing new aspects of my knees.

My hope is that a couple months from now, I can look back and read this and laugh. Laugh at how out of shape I was and be happy for how much I had improved.

Hope is what keeps me going.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tonight, I ran the whole stinking workout. Ok, so it isn't all running, what I mean is, that I didn't cop out on any of the runs. They were all at least 60 seconds worth.

Hubby and I set out around our neighborhood. It was a nice night, a little humid but hey, it's Minnesota. We had a 2 min walk between runs 4 & 5 and I had to rest my foot (it got numb) before #6, but I did the whole thing. No, it's not perfect, but I ran as much as they told me, I just rested a little more than prescribed. One more training session like this on Friday and then it steps up.

Tomorrow is rest day, of which I am very ready for. I'm also hungry a lot. It's not the low blood sugar kind of hungry that makes me feel like a boneless chicken. It's my stomach being grouchy and wanting food! I take this as a good sign.

Running with the Dead

Last Monday I went to a local cemetery to run around. It's a nice quiet place and no one hardly goes there. I'll be able to look silly all by myself. I used a podcast for the 5K training so I didn't need a watch. Just listen, and change pace when it tells me to.

First lap...hey, I didn't realize that the backs of the houses were so close to the cemetery. Lo and behold, there's a guy out on his deck, watching me. We wave. Next house, a dog barks, the owner comes out to look. I sure hope they don't tell me I shouldn't be running here.

After a few laps, I'm too tired and sweaty to care. The deck guy went inside and the other guy is puttering in his yard. A lady shouts from her house. "How many steps around is it? Is it a mile?"

The yard guy, "it's 32 rounds for you."

I laugh and tell them that I have no idea. I'd rather not know how many steps or how many times around is a mile. Perhaps it's not so bad to have people see me work out.

And I almost made it through the whole thing. The last 3 parts were not the best. I copped out about 10 seconds short, and the last run part I walked. But it was more than I had done before. GO ME!

Today is my 2nd training workout this week. My quads have been sore and I've been dreading it. But I have to get up and going. And to show how fearless I am today - I'm going to just run around my neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Oven Light Turns On

This story is my inspiration, if anything is. Seeing Debra Jones, in her 50's, run a 5k in a few weeks was truly amazing. And very inspiring, while sitting and watching. But then I explored Jillian Michael's site, printed off some stuff, one being how to train for a 5K in 8 weeks.

That sheet of paper seemed to come to the top of my paper stacks time and again. It was doable. Something clicked on and without thinking too much, I decided to do it. If Debra could do it, I could! I am younger and weigh less, so it shouldn't be too hard, right?

And then, something took over my body (I think it was invasion of the couch potato snatchers) and I found a 5K that was a little way out and the philosophy was one I could get excited about.
My friends, I am going to be running in the Fearless 5K on October 30th.

From their site:

Only 4% of Americans ever run & less than 2% ever run/walk a road race! Most non-exercisers fear exercise, or fear that their own efforts to improve their health/fitness will be a fruitless waste of time.

Actively demonstrate your friendly fearlessness as an active runner/walker by sharing your run/walk with others who may have been fearful of RxExercise and entering a 5k road race.

Runners & walkers will be demonstrating the Power of RxExercise to improve lives, including overcoming fears, especially the many of us who are living well and courageously beyond health challenges like arthritis, brain injuries, cancer, diabetes, anxiety & depression, and heart disease with RxExercise.

I'm not afraid of a little 3.1 miles. Even though right now I can barely run over a minute at a time. I trust in the process and in the changes in my body. And I trust that God will keep my legs moving even when my mind tells me to stop.

And best of all, I intend to knit myself a little crown hat for my costume.

Crashed Diet

Well, like any diet, this one has crashed a bit. Notice me not posting for awhile? anyway, work did get underway even if I wasn't posting. My husband helped me to rearrange some rooms and clean up places that weren't exactly in the order that I had planned. But I am very off course and probably won't be able to catch back up to the old plan.

So there must be a new plan.

I have still been dreaming of heading off in an RV or maybe a houseboat and just traveling. After being gone for 10 days on a vacation, I really did not want to go home. I wanted to just keep going and see where the road would take us.

The next plan, I believe, will involve some preparations for getting ready to be more minimalist. Right now, the thought of downsizing to an RV is very daunting. But with some sorting through, maybe we can make it one step closer. And if we never do the RV thing, at least we've unburdened our lives a little.